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Fire Alarm and
Suppression Systems

We design and install the system that’s best for you, then keep working hard to assure its peak performance.

Let our award-winning team help you craft the fire protection system you need to protect people and property. Our NICET-certified personnel will design, engineer and install the system you desire, including turnkey and mass notification options. All fire protection systems must be and are designed, installed and maintained to comply with: NFPA, New York State and all Local codes and standards.

Fire Protection and
Alarm Systems

GLBS is a proud Engineering Systems Distributor (ESD) for Notifier, the world’s leading manufacturer of fire alarm equipment. GLBS has achieved the highest level of distributor with Notifier, “Premier Level.”

GLBS has also been honored with Notifiers “Domestic ESD of the year award” in 2016. This annual award is given to one company that exemplifies the highest level of integrity, quality, growth and customer satisfaction.

From a small retail store to a large complex network system for a college campus, GLBS has the talented resources to design, install, support and maintain the fire alarm system for your Rochester, Buffalo, or Syracuse, NY-based business to keep it operating at its peak level.

Sprinkler Systems

Great Lakes Building System designs, installs and maintains fire sprinkler systems as diverse as our clients’ facilities and needs.

We will provide an assessment of your building, its contents and your special needs to choose the correct sprinkler system: wet system, dry system, pre-action, deluge, water mist, fire pumps or nitrogen injection.

Backflow preventers are necessary to ensure water in your fire sprinkler system travels in only one direction. For systems that use sprinklers, our service includes making sure yours has properly-working backflow prevention.

Fire Extinguishers

Like fire protection systems for the building, fire extinguishers differ for various rooms and their contents. Let us help you prepare your building with the proper and cost-effective extinguisher. Your choices include dry chemical, CO2, Clean Agent, K-Class and water based. Great Lakes Building Systems can also provide code required six maintenance and hydro-testing. We also offer customer training on the proper use of extinguishers.

Fire Suppression Systems

Many facilities have precious assets that must be protected not only from fire but also from damage created by treating those flames. Great Lakes Building Systems will help you identify and design the appropriate, environmentally-friendly fire suppression system. These include clean agent systems using FM200, Ecaro, or Novec gas. GLBS can also offer a suppression system using inert gases such as CO2 or Pro-Inert.

Dedicated Support Team

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