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Access Control

Serving Rochester, Syracuse, Lancaster, Amherst & Buffalo, NY

Manage Your Access Control System on Site or let Great Lakes do it for you!

The foundation of any reliable security system is its access control. Our highly-skilled personnel can help you design a system which includes scalable access, so that only the appropriate people may make authorized entry into your facility’s more critical and sensitive areas. Our systems help the small business employing only a handful of employees to larger companies with multiple locations and thousands of employees

Great Lakes Building Systems is a Gold Service Certified Dealer of Honeywell Integrated Security. We have the talent and resources to design, install and maintain enterprise level access control systems for college campuses, hospitals, and the most demanding Industrial facilities.

Our customers have the ability to manage their own system or have us remotely manage it.

We know your needs may change on short notice. Our staff is prepared to ask you the right questions in order to adapt your system to meet those changes and add features to ensure we are continuing to provide you with the most cost-effective, long-term and reliable solutions. The core strength of our access systems is our ability to design and install highly complex solutions.

We deliver and install state-of-the-art solutions that maximize your return on investment. We combine your existing infrastructure with the most updated proven technologies to create an access control solution that protects your employees and property, as well as your budget!

Access Control Services Include:

  • Access control cards, photo I.D. badges, and readers
  • Biometrics technology
  • Analytics
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Brass Key Management
  • Asset Management
  • Electric Door Locking Devices
  • Connected Buildings

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