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Fire Alarm Systems

For Rochester, Syracuse, Lancaster, Amherst & Buffalo, NY

Great Lakes Building Systems is a proud Engineering Systems Distributor (ESD) for Notifier, the world’s leading manufacturer of fire alarm equipment. Great Lakes has achieved the highest level of distributor with Notifier, “Premier Level.”

Great Lakes has also been honored with Notifiers “Domestic ESD of the year award” in 2016. This annual award is given to one company that exemplifies the highest level of integrity, quality, growth and customer satisfaction.

From a small retail store to a large complex network system for a college campus, Great Lakes has the talented resources to design, install, support, and maintain your fire alarm system to keep it operating at its peak level.

Advantages of Fire Alarm Systems

Trying to navigate through legal codes for what fire protection you legally need for your business can be frustrating. Especially trying to find the best system. Great Lakes Building Systems can help you while also providing you with a variety of benefits of having a good fire alarm system.

  • Safety– One of the most important reasons to have a fire alarm system is for safety. The sooner people in a building can be notified of a fire, the faster they can get out of harm’s way.
  • 24/7 Monitoring– Fire alarm systems provide 24/7 monitoring services for constant protection no matter where you are.
  • Costs– The upfront cost might be high, but with these fire alarms, you can minimize money spent in repairs and replacements as the system will detect and notify the authorities with a fast response time to help protect your assets.
  • Quality– We hold all of our systems to the very highest standards and provide testing, inspection, and maintenance services to keep it operating at its peak level.

When you are looking for a company to install reliable fire alarm systems at your business in the Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo, Amherst, or Lancaster, NY areas, rely on the team at Great Lakes Building Systems. Contact us today!

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