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Bi-Directional Amplifier


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Bi-Directional Amplifier

Commercial Security Systems in Buffalo, Rochester & Syracuse, NY

BDA ( Bi-directional radio amplification) is a system that amplifies the first responders radio signals within buildings for 100% signal coverage.

  • Replaces old and outdated fire fighter phone system.
  • 100% radio coverage is required by code
  • System must be UL listed as a whole

System is a combination of antennas, receivers and transmitters placed inside a building as to amplify the signals in areas where coverage is poor.

In-building Wireless Enhancement Systems are designed as an extension of a public safety radio system. It is important that they are properly designed, tested and registered with FCC. We assist public safety officials with the technical and regulatory requirements in ensuring that all systems are deployed, permitted, maintained and tested in accordance with current building code and FCC requirements. 

Link – https://www.radiosolutionsinc.com/products