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Backflow Preventers

Backflow Preventers

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Backflow Preventers

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Backflow Testing is a Building Requirement. Make Sure Yours Is Done Right!

A backflow preventer is a device installed on the sprinkler system to ensure that water travels through it in only one direction. It prevents water from flowing in the opposite direction and is important to maintaining a clean water supply. Water that is used for sprinkler systems is not the same water supplied for drinking and, thus, may not be suitable for consumption. The backflow preventer, by keeping water from traveling in a reverse direction, protects the quality of your drinking water supply. Municipalities use a similar system to protect a public’s water supply.

A backflow system must be certified and tested every year. Our certified and licensed technicians work to ensure that your company’s backflow preventers are working properly and following the requirements as mandated by your local government.

Call us for a no-obligation assessment of your facility. Our service technicians will provide recommendations for your facility that follow strict national, state and local guidelines.

Backflow Preventer Services Include:

  • Regular scheduled inspections and maintenance
  • New customer backflow inspection and repair service
  • New installation for remodeling of existing sprinkler systems when needed
  • Testing for building contractors for building permit certificate for occupancy

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